Each client is unique, and every project is different.  We embrace this aspect of our practice, and relish the opportunities for growth that each new project presents.  In partnership with our clients, we set out in the design process to discover and explore new ideas to advance our clients' vision.

Although each project will follow its own path, we generally begin the design process with an "envisioning session."  During the envisioning session, we help our clients to define their needs and we discuss their dreams.  We also listen carefully to our clients' concerns and expectations.

In conjunction with the envisioning session, we study the existing site conditions, including topography, vegetation, and climate.  We also examine the larger context of community and environment.

Both the envisioning session and the site analysis are important in allowing us to provide meaningful guidance to our clients throughout the design and construction process.  They allow us to generate a guiding concept for the design that brings the project together as a whole and serves as a springboard for creative thinking.

We use the guiding concept to develop schematic design options that we present to our clients.  In addition to responding to our clients' needs and proposing ways to meet their budget, our schematic design options strive to offer creative and appropriate solutions that our clients may not have considered or thought possible.

After evaluating the schematic design options with our clients, we develop a final schematic design.  We then work with our clients to fine-tune the design and make any necessary adjustments so that the project conforms to current building codes before we prepare the necessary drawings and documents to obtain a building permit.

During construction, we will often conduct regular visits to the job site.  Our experience has shown us that these site visits are important, as they protect our clients' interests by making sure that the work is complete and fulfills the design intent.  We also are available to address unforeseen problems as they arise.

Bringing a building project to fruition is an exhilarating and challenging journey.  Design, permitting, and the construction of a new building, remodel, or addition is often a time consuming, intense, and stressful process.  However, it can also be a very fruitful, fulfilling, and positive educational experience for everyone involved.  At Ceraban Design, we consider it our job to help our clients navigate through this complex process and to relieve the stress associated with a building project.

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